The UST system is a universal fitment to the Left hand or Right hand of the truck and with the motor in the front or in the rear of the truck and Diagonal or Same truck Dual drive all with single UniverSal bracket system and uses a unique Split ring clamp that can be easily changed and even 3D printed or molded to suit many truck hanger shapes
As all kits now use the same motor plate and mount, simply order 2 Kits for any dual drive or even 4 kits if your brave enough
(Please note- 6374 motor will NOT fit on one truck and must be fitted in a dual diagonal configuration- 6355 motor will fit.)
New Features include:-
  • Superior clamping force with wider clamp width and equal and deeper thread depth


Infinite adjustment of motor placement to deck- due to the round outer profile of the clamp ring-the bracket can be rotated around the the truck hanger


  • Universal fitment to LH or RH of truck


  • ‘One size fits all’ -the same kit can be used with any size motor from 40mm- 63mm


5065 Motor inboard                                                     6374 Motor Outboard

  • Any ratio can be fitted with just a simple belt change


32T x14T = 265MM

32T X 15T = 265MM

36T X 12T =265MM

36T X 14T = 270MM

40T X 12T =280MM

44T X 15T =300MM (Urban 5 KIT-6374 MOTOR)

60T X 14T =345MM  (URBAN 5 KIT-5065 MOTOR)


  • 15mm wide waterjet cut truck clamp rings-with many shapes available.-


  • 3D printed insert service  -making fitment almost infinite,MTB’s ,Penny boards,