Single ,Dual Rear or Dual Diagonal?

Well after months and months of testing and testing i think i can finally say what my opinion is of all the various types of motors and drive systems..I will just give my experience of each power first then go on to say what I think of the rear dual vs diagonal drive.
We have come such a long way in the development of the drive systems and the ESC and motors and spent countless hours and money tweaking and improving along the way..Bruno has now got the ESC working beautifully with awesome acceleration and smooth braking and that’s without sensors wait until those are available….. and i think the new caliber kit is pretty fool proof for fitting.
So let’s start with the big boy..
Dual 63mm 3kw- Diagonal drive–
This is the beast of all setups and is strictly for the experienced rider- the power and torque on this machine is simply unbelievable and if I’m honest at time too much to handle..
This has to be in a diagonal setup the power in my opinion could not be used in a rear drive set up,the weight of the motors and the needed 10s battery make this a rather heavy board of over 9.25kg but it has awesome speed acceleration and range and the motors are never really running at any where near full power
Speed over 45mph
Range ( with 10S 8000mah)- 10-18 miles
Best used on a 38″ deck and over
Dual 50mm 4kw -Diagonal Drive
This is in my opinion the perfect blend of good power ,braking ,weight and is my board of choice when i pick one up to ride..The 50mm motors have great torque whilst still only requiring a single 7s battery so weight is 7.25kg and again the diagonal drive gives better grip and braking as the front wheel is also braking – the motors are never overworked and rarely get hot
Speed- 30mph
range-10-15 miles (5800mah)
best used on a 36-38″ deck
Dual 42mm rear drive
I first tried this setup on a short 33″ deck and with 83mm wheels and 44T x12T gearing and it was a bit of a wheelie machine but i’ve since got it on a 37″ carbon deck with 76mm wheels and 40Tx12T gearing it it just about perfect- the motors are tiny compared to the 63mm and only require a 6s battery ,even 5s for smaller riders or flatter terrain..Its got good acceleration and a top speed of around 25mph but the low weight is the killler app..under 6 kg.. Its a really good performer for the size but the motors do have to work pretty hard to get there..
Speed 25mph
Range 6-8 miles ( 5000mah 6s)
Best on 35-37″ decks
As with all EV the speeds and range are all dependent upon the terrain and rider weight so these are only estimate from my experience..

I regular use a single 5065 Motor with 7S battery and that in my opinion is the best blend of lightwight but useful power

i would easily say a single 63mm motor would be more than capable of hitting 25-30mph with good acceleration ,
Now to the Diagonal vs Rear dual argument..well for people looking for an everyday ,easy to ride setup the Diagonal drive wins hands down – Its got great grip with evenly distributed weight over each motor no matter where you are on the board,the push pull effect is very predictable and there’s no chance of wheelies or rear wheel slides. The braking is also improved due to the motor at the front .
Now for people looking for bit of back end drifting and wheeling then the rear dual drive is for you it does carve quite differently to the diagonal drive and was a bit of a handful in the wet/dry conditions i tested in..I’m sure however somebody with a bit more skill than me could tame it easily..