These are the components you will receive in the Urban 5 Drive kit.
Please make your self familiar with the names


urban 5 drive ass2

  •  First- Lay the Hub drive on a flat level surface -like a bench or table
  •  Align the Wheel hub with the Drive Hub bore and sit the wheel  on top

urban 5 drive ass-hub bolts

urban 5 drive ass-hub bolts2

  • Take the 5x M4 bolts and apply a small amount of threadlock adhesive to tip of each bolt
  • Align the holes of the wheel with the holes in the drive hub and slide each bolt into the 5 holes in the Urban 5 wheel hub and very loosely screw the bolt in..
  • Work your way around the bolts and take up the slack of the thread-ensuring that the hub is aligned with the hub drive

urban 5 bolt pattern

  • Now tighten the bolts in the specific pattern shown- starting with number 1 then 2 ,3 etc ..until all the bolts are tightened whilst always checking that the hub drive is pulled squarely onto the wheel hub
  • The hub drive is now attached to the wheel- you could at this point just spin the wheel on a truck axle to see if the hub spins concentrically and adjust if require

urban 5 drive 60t bolts

  • Spin the wheel over and lay flat again
  • Place the Pulley Wheel onto the Hub drive spigot and click into place-and line the M3 holes up.
  • Put a dab of Thread lock onto each the M3 countersunk bolts and using a TX10 torx bit tighten the bolts in the same pattern as before.

urban 5 drive END

The Wheel and Drive Pulley assembly is now ready to fit to your truck- …Enjoy the ride..