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UniverSal Truck Mounts are now available-

The new UST mounts from Alien Drive are now available to buy and the new design and concept has really opened up the possibilities for DIY builders..

The 30mm diameter clamp rings can be bought in various shapes..and easily slide into the Truck clamp

More importantly 3D prints can be used or molded inserts can be made with a resin for a perfect fit.  (note- when printing 3d inserts- use a high (60%)+ infill value)

20150925_213719_zpsretqwaicside winder

I am currently working on designing new rings for for new trucks,including Mountain board truck..

If you have a truck in mind..please contact me and ill try to design a ring to fit..


97mm Abec clone drive adaptor- coming soon…

Ive now designed and protoyped machined a drive adapter for the popular 97 mm Abec clones..these are a BIG wheels..

I should have a batch ready in the New year..:)

No more messing about trying to line up your pulley wheels with long bolts etc… these adapters slide straight into the wheel and are perfectly concentric.. and allow easy fitment of any of my pulley wheels.



They sell these on Ebay and most skate shops..and there’ a multitude of colours.. yippeee!!bigfoot1bigfoot orangebigfoot blackbigfoot blue



NEW- The Universal Truck Mount is nearly ready for sale-

Ive sent the first batch of  new truck mounts out to a few lucky customers..and im hoping for some great feedback.

Ive increased the clamp rings to 15mm width to give that extra grip..and i still love the super finish ..


E-Scoot in a rolling chassis and it feels good!!!

The E-Scoot build is coming along nicely.
Its a rolling chassis now and it feels super strong but lightweight ..
Its basically a dirt scooter with room for all the electronics.

I’ll be running 12S (50V) pack and 3KW motor so- its going to fly!!!..

Just to strip down and have it anodised,,:)
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First batch being assembled

Im just putting together the first batch of kits to go to customers- I’m super happy with Finish ..


I’ m also working on a new retro fit 15mm belt kit- this will simply attach to any existing Drive kits – just remove the bolts fit the new extension then fit the longer supplied bolts..Easy..


USB system has arrived

First initial test batch of the new USB Mount (Universal Bracket Mount) has arrived along with profile clamp rings for 6 trucks..
As always i’m super happy with the finish and quality of the parts-
I’ll be sending a couple out to some good customers to test and give their opinion.
These mounts are Universally mountable on both sides of the truck and can be used with any of the drive ratios I sell..
So one size fits all folks..

I have extensively tested a mount on one of my own boards for several months now and they perform perfectly..
Not to mention that fact that you can also 3D print a clamp ring for almost any truck if you can design and print it..:)
Current Truck fitment..

Paris V1/2
Surf Rodz indeez (Hex )
Dont Trip Poppy/and Lucys
Gullwing Sidewinder
Attack Black start RKP.

and with a small amount of filing pretty much any truck can be used..

I have extensively tested a mount on one of my own boards for several months now and they perform perfectly.. really solid locking and as the inserts are so cheap (around £3 each)..you can file to suit the truck perfectly..

I hope to have these for sale in a couple of months .. ~:) (if not sooner)