So, how did Alien Drive Systems start?

Being a Mechanical Engineer by trade I’ve always liked to modify and improve (I hope) most things I buy and an electric long-board was no exception. Having snowboarded for over 10 years , I decided to buy an electric skateboard off eBay as everyone does ,so I could ‘off piste’ at home – I soon found it totally inadequate for the hilly area that I live in.

I started to research other skateboards and I soon came to the conclusion that there not much out there for under £1000 that’s any good and I thought“ I could do better”- I then met Bruno by chance on eBay ,discovered the endless sphere forum..Where I was encouraged to make my kit available to others as a DIY  electric skateboard kit – and the rest as the say is history.

As a skilled mechanical engineer I pride myself on high precision and top quality surface finishers and I can only find these qualities in British Engineering facilities and I would never go down the mass produced, low cost (low quality) route as I believe my customers want better than that.

I also believe that a large part of my service is in the help and advice I give to customers learnt from my many project builds.


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